Breakfast Appreciation 

I am a huge fan of breakfast foods. Overnight oats, bagels, avocado on toast. And coffee, lots of coffee. Often on Sunday’s, I hang out with my friends and almost always I make sure there is coffee involved. 

Here are some iPhone photos, I really wanted to blog. But I don’t have the time to do an actual post. 

Shout out to my friends for being awesome, you know who you are.  


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Snow days.

Winter has come and gone, and we have had a couple snow days. Unfortunately for me, they mostly fall during the week. Which is super inconvenient when you have to slip and slide your way to work, only to have the heat pump refuse to heat the office for the day. Living in a leaky barn is also not as fun in the middle of winter when your curtains are frozen and you can often see your breath.

However, last Sunday morning snow was magically falling. I had no where to be and nothing planned. So I jumped in the car and went to find the snow, these photos will make it to the blog in due time. IMG_9507

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The 30th of May (and the 31st).

You will note that from the title this post is well overdue. But either way, I am finally getting around to posting it. You will find the first part of this post here.

The morning started off with plenty of coffee and porridge, just how every day should. We braved the drizzle and once again jumped in the lake.

Once we arrived in Wanaka after listening to our soundtrack of the trip, we had a photo shoot by the lake. More coffees were consumed from little over populated cafes, then it was time. A couple of hours later and everything had changed. Then of course we needed more coffee and food, so we sat outside a little cafe on the waterfront.

By 4.30 we were back in Hawea, so Jule and myself went on a little adventure because I just can’t get enough (photos) of the camping ground. After that it was dinner time, so we made homemade burritos and wine was consumed. We returned to the cabin/heaters, worked on a puzzle and listened to Beth sing.

The next morning, it was time to head home but only after a trip to yet another cafe. IMG_9050 IMG_9057 IMG_9075 IMG_9078 IMG_9083 IMG_9087 IMG_9113 IMG_9118 IMG_9119 IMG_9121 IMG_9125 IMG_9132 IMG_9147 IMG_9173 IMG_9176And last but not least (photo credit to Jule)



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A Weekend Away.

It was a Friday afternoon, JuleBethRose and I jumped in the car. We had chickpea snacks, plenty of produce and dinner of courgette and cauliflower bake. We drove until the sun disappearing and we couldn’t see the snow capped mountains anymore. We sung along to Taylor Swift and laughed until our tummies hurt.

We arrived in Hawea a little after 8.30pm and rushed to the cabin to put on our TWO heaters. If you know any of us, you know that having two heaters for the weekend was a very exciting factor in this trip away. While our little cabin heated up, we went on a walk. There was snow on the ground and everything was super dark, so naturally we jumped in the lake and laughed hysterically.

IMG_9034 IMG_9041 IMG_9046 IMG_9047

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A puppy.

I accidentally took a vacation from blogging (sorry Aunty Pam!!). I am no stranger to these disappearances from the blogging world.

Life is busy. It’s winter and everything is cold. The weekends come and go in what feels like in an instant. Evenings are for going out for dinner, trips to the supermarket (seriously, I have been to the supermarket three times in the last week??) and early bedtimes.

I still have plenty of photos to post, but I really want to get out more with my camera.


Meet Indie, the tiny little puppy that is very hard to take photos of. As of today, she is not as little, but she is (sometimes) still as cute.


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Purakaunui falls.

Today, I was super inspired to blog. This is part two from the ANZAC day road trip. After we walked to the lighthouse we jumped back into the car and drove to the waterfall. After a short walk through the forest we arrived. The water was icy cold (which Jule can verify) and I took too many photos of the same things.

After a coffee stop and more time spent in the car we arrived at Slope Point, which turns out to be the southernmost point in the South Island. I was super annoying the whole time we were there, because guess who needed to use the bathroom and it just happened there wasn’t one to be found anywhere.
IMG_8808 IMG_8823 IMG_8830 IMG_8843 IMG_8872 IMG_8905 IMG_8918

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Nugget Point.

The weekend usually disappears before I even realise it. This becomes an issue when I have every intention to shoot/edit/blog photos. Also the fact that it is winter and everything is cold and rainy makes getting outside a little more unappealing (cups of coffee and Netflix is so much nicer). This is the main reason I am still posting photos that I literally took two months ago.

After attending the dawn parade on ANZAC day (I wasn’t joking about two months ago), JuleAntzMerr and myself jumped in the car and drove for a very long time. I have more photos to post at a later date.
IMG_8764 IMG_8777 IMG_8787 IMG_8788 IMG_8801

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